Huskies in the HallwaySpotlight

Huskies in the Hallway: 4/30/18

Each week one of the Ledger staff asks  five fellow Huskies their take on current issues and events. This week, Seth Jans asked:

What do you look for in an ASUWT candidate?

Amy Sato,
“The main thing that I look for in any person in
a leadership position is someone who is honest
and real. I don’t need people to sugarcoat
things, so that would be the biggest thing.”


Kyle Hoyt,
“One major quality that I’d like to see is
involvement within the UWT communityorganizing
events, actively working with fellow students and
generally making the campus a more
engaging space.”


Rubi Reynozo,
“The main quality that I look for in a
student body candidate is their passion and
determination to work within students
that will have a meaningful impact.”

Megan Wilsa,
“Someone who wants to make real changes.
Someone who runs to help the student body as
a whole and to help UWT grow and change
for the better.”


Joanne Clarke Dillman,
“Well, I guess what I would look for is
authenticity; that a candidate is thinking
the best in terms of their constituency, right?
So whatever they’re running for, they truly
want to make something better.”

Seth Jans

Seth is an entertainment critic for the Tacoma Ledger, majoring in arts, media, and culture. He looks forward to seeing many more movies in theaters while struggling to find a job.