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Seattle-based Odesza sets WaMu Theater on fire

Seattle-based duo Odesza ended the month of March with three backto-back, sold-out concerts in the city where it all started. As a big fan of their sonically mesmerizing electronic work, it was my duty to attend WaMu Theater and witness the show they had concocted. I’m pleased to say that their visit to Seattle as part of the A Moment Apart Tour didn’t disappoint.

The first time I listened to Odesza was thanks to a “brain food” playlist I found which featured electronic songs good for study sessions. Immediately upon finishing the track, I was curious as to who the author was. I checked the beautiful album cover from where the song originated and was intrigued by its mysterious design. My interest only increased as I checked the tracklist.

As the show started and the lights from the stage came to life, I was reminded of that little anecdote from my first experience with the group. Odesza is a duo that creates music as a complete audiovisual experience. As songs began playing on the imposing speakers, a flood of colorful lights inundated the stage. This was accompanied by creative animated videos that synced with the beat of the song. It was a pleasure to the eyes as much as it was to the ears.

Being an instrumental-focused electronic group can be challenging when performing live. There’s always the risk of becoming repetitive due to the lack of vocals and live instrumentation. Thankfully, Odesza did a fantastic job to keep things fresh by utilizing live drummers and trumpeters as well as a couple guests to sing songs like “Line of Sight.” Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills — the duo behind Odesza — radiated energy throughout the night, constantly jumping around and keeping the sea of people in the audience engaged.

The tracklist for the concert was almost perfect, consisting of a wide variety chosen from their two main albums. Everybody in the crowd went wild when they performed their most popular track, “Say My Name.” I was more impressed when they played what I assume is a new song, one that consisted of a hard-hitting beat accompanied by visuals of a volcano erupting and flames on the stage. It was epic. However, I was saddened by the puzzling absence of “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings” — the song that made me fall in love with the group in the first place.

I had high expectations for seeing Odesza live for the first time. They delivered a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable performance that only increased my appreciation for the group. Show this fantastic Seattle based duo some love and go listen to their albums. If you like atmospheric, creative and energetic electronic music, you will find a lot to love in their work.