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Question of the Week: 2/20/18 What is your creative outlet?

Every week the Ledger asks a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and a Professor their take on current and upcoming events. this week’s question was:

What is your creative outlet?


Abdul Jama,
Freshman, Electrical Engineering:

“I like opening up electronics and messing
around with their mechanics, and seeing how they work.”


Raelin Goodwin,
Sustainable Urban Development:

“Photography and hiking!”


Hakim Hassan,
Junior, Information Technology:

“Sketching. I like to just sit outside and
sketch what I see around me.”


Charissa Wong,
Senior, Psychology:

“I love to tend to my chickens, and listening
to music.”


Keith Harris,
Professor of Urban Studies:

“I used to love drumming, but now it’s too
loud for the house. So I use a garage band software
and make music.”

Alyssa Tatro

Alyssa majors in urban studies and community development. She is interested in and concerned about issues in Tacoma that impact the community. She is obsessed with all things chocolate and piggies.