Need-Based Scholarship for STEM Undergraduates

Did you graduate from a Washington State High School? Is your major within a STEM field? Freshman or Junior? GPA of at least 2.75? If so, then it is possible that you may be eligible to apply for the Washington State Opportunity Scholar­ship (WSOS). This Scholarship will provide 700 new students with an initial amount of $2500 per academic year, after which if the recipient chooses to renew they can even apply for an addi­tional $2500 each consecutive year, max­ing at a possible $7500 upon reaching Junior status after which the maximum received amount decreases to $5000.

WSOS began in 2011 as the brain­child of Washington State Legislature and Business to meet the need imposed by rising tuitions across the state. Aside from meeting the financial needs of Washington students with an accruing scholarship, it also hopes to provide fu­ture employees with jobs through part­nerships with big names such as Boeing and Microsoft.

Students who are interested in the scholarship must complete their applica­tion by going to its website www.waop­ The scholar­ship must be submitted no later than March 2 at 5 p.m. Aside from financial information and transcripts, included is one essay prompt.

With roughly a month to complete an application any students that qualifies for this scholarship has a generous amount of time to enter for a chance to receive $2500, close to a fifth of a year’s tuition.