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Question of the week: 1/29/18

Every week the Ledger asks a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and a Professor their take on current and upcoming events. this week’s question was:

What are you looking for in UWT’s new assistant chancellor for Equity and Inclusion?


Jason Winchester

“Someone who will promote the idea of
diversity and provide a safe campus for
everyone. They would have to be very respectful
of different perspectives as well. ”


Long Tran

“[Someone] who is sensitive to historical,
racial disparities in the educational institution
that we all belong to. A person of color would
be preferred and more reflective of
UWT’s diverse student population.”


Preston Palmer

“Someone who is able to understand the student
body in a way that caters to all students, not just
ones that may be in obvious need of help.
Someone also able to look at other viewpoints
besides the mainstream.”


Katelyn Weide

“Someone who can create a safe space
where students can get connected with the local
community and find support.”


Annie Nguyen

“I think the most important thing when
it comes to a position of that nature is just
their openness and willingness to work with
all members of the faculty.”


Seth Jans

Seth is an entertainment critic for the Tacoma Ledger, majoring in arts, media, and culture. He looks forward to seeing many more movies in theaters while struggling to find a job.