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Nerds unite: ThinkGeek opens store at Tacoma Mall

Those who shop at ThinkGeek no longer have to wait 3 to 5 business days for their products to arrive at their door or travel in traffic to their Seattle location, for ThinkGeek has officially come to the Tacoma Mall. To get a sense of what ThinkGeek is all about, let’s dive into their history…

ThinkGeek first launched their website in 1999, selling pop culture collectibles and merchandise for those that wanted to be closer to their favorite movies, comics and games. It wasn’t until 2015 that ThinkGeek opened their first physical location in Orlando, Florida. Since then, the company has opened 28 more stores along the East Coast, and two in the state of Washington. This brings the total to an impressive 31 stores in just three years.

On May 11, the ThinkGeek store inside the Tacoma Mall had a soft opening. However, the big event happened a week later, on May 19th, with the cutting of a ribbon commemorating their grand opening within the walls of the Tacoma Mall. Well before the opening, a line had formed — full of cosplayers, geeks and fans stretched fifty yards past the store entrance. This massive demographic is something ThinkGeek prides themselves in.

“What’s great about pop culture is that it reaches all ages,” said Steve Wilson, the ThinkGeek District Manager. “There are people that come here in their 80s for the Superman memorabilia, and young kids that are fans of the new Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Wilson also mentioned that one of the main goals of a physical ThinkGeek store is to build an emotional connection between the collectors and the collectibles. This will be further emphasized by monthly trivia and cosplay events, beginning with Star Wars versus Star Trek this May, and Female Heroes in June to celebrate the release of the new Wonder Woman film.

The ThinkGeek store has a very open and inviting layout, with a life sized Deadpool statue that greets you at the entrance. This open concept allows you to quickly find your niche, with shelves divided into pop culture favorites like Marvel, Pokémon and Game of Thrones. ThinkGeek has quirky home goods, like a Death Star waffle maker, as well as serious collectibles, such as a scale replica of the T-80 Power Armor from the Fallout series.

Different than most, ThinkGeek operates equally as a store for collectors and a safe-space for geeks and fans alike to unite and mingle in a comfortable location. It is a must-see emporium for anyone and everyone that is fan of the biggest movie, tv, and video game franchises — not to mention, who doesn’t want a selfie with a life sized replica of Deadpool?