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#InstaTraveler: Inside Instagram’s @doyoutravel

Jack Morris — better known by his Instagram handle, @doyoutravel — is a 25-year-old traveler, blogger and instagrammer. Morris is one of the most popular travel photographers in the world. He is currently in Indonesia with his companion, Lauren Bullen — better known by her Instagram handle, @gypsea_lust.

“Traveling was just a passion, and I thought I would just save and repeat and keep doing it. I was just lucky enough that it worked out,” Morris said in an interview with Blouin ArtInfo when asked about his life on the road.

Jack Morris had saved up money from his job at a carpet-cleaning service and began his traveling adventure with a one-way ticket to Bangkok. He never thought he would continue to travel, expecting to return to Britain after running out of money. During an interview with G Magazine, Morris said, “Conveniently around the time I started my first trip my Instagram pages started to blow up and I had a following large enough to leverage off.”

One of his most liked photos shows him sitting atop a cliff in Northern Vietnam. Morris explains the trouble he faced to get there, claiming he missed the last ferry and hiked up to the viewpoint at 5 a.m. to get the perfect lighting. This photo was originally posted in December 2015, but was reposted on Aug. 19 and currently has 76,359 likes. Another well liked photograph shows him facing the Kawasan Falls in the Philippines. He recalls waking up at 6 a.m. on a Monday to make sure he had the view to himself.

Morris downloaded Instagram soon after it released and created multiple accounts relating to fashion, art, animals and more. Using these accounts, he began to slowly gain followers and sell advertisements on his pages — building almost half a million followers. He found the amount of time he needed to put into the pages absolutely unbelievable, and he made sure to post every hour. “It took so much time. You had to answer ridiculous amounts of emails every day and then it’s scheduling every posting. There could be a post every hour, so you can’t be in the mountains with no Internet because you’d lose work,” Morris said.

His photographs depict the experiences he has while traveling and he gives everyone who follows a serious case of wanderlust. Morris uses a Canon 5D and carries three lenses for portraits and landscapes, as well as one for all-around usage. The lenses allow him to capture a wide variety of photographs which he then crops and edits to post on his Instagram page.

He is a self-taught photographer who has a passion for traveling and claims that even he refers to YouTube tutorials when having trouble editing a photograph. Morris believes there are still many places that he should see and much more for him to do. He said, “There are still so many places on my list. I’m really eager to travel around South America and Japan. Both are definitely on the agenda for next year.”