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Students find career opportunities at two annual career fairs

On Oct. 25 and 26, UW Tacoma hosted their annual technology and all-industries career fairs in the William Philip Hall.

Some of the employers who attended and showcased their job opportunities at the career fair included Century 21 and Oxford.

“It’s like their own business under our business umbrella. They’d be very independent jobs. We have our own school that takes care of training called the Academy of Real Estate,” said Century 21 recruiter Shauna Hawthorne. According to Hawthorne, students are guaranteed to receive jobs within their company. For any students who missed the career fair, Century 21 also accepts applications online.

For the past five years, another company — the Oxford company — has attended the career fairs and deals with IT and technology consultants. Oxford’s representative, Cassidy Brown, said, “we are looking for anybody with people skills with degrees of Communications, Psychology, Business, or anything where you can talk to people.” For more information, Oxford asks for students to contact Cassidy Brown at

UW Tacoma alum Veronica Saucedo also attended the fair, as she wanted to know what career paths she could take with her major. “I’m looking for non-profit work right now like with the YMCA. I want to focus somewhere on race,” she shared. Saucedo said she is specifically interested in working for the community, and the career fair helped her in understanding what jobs she was looking for.

“I learned about some companies that I didn’t know were even hiring. It helped me see what was out there and opened my eyes to companies I didn’t know were currently looking for people,” said UW Tacoma alum Sameer Hakimi. Hakimi attended because he was curious to see what opportunities they had.

For those who missed the career fairs, Student and Enrollment services have resources that are accessible both online and in person. For example, the site gives a college-to-career roadmap that breaks down a college experience and informs students on what to do for each quarter to make the transition after college a smooth one. They also offer career planning tips and ways to network to employers and businesses.

For more information on the career resources offered on campus, visit the UW Tacoma website, find “Current Students” and then find “Career Development and Education.” Career counselors on campus are available through scheduling online appointments through the UW Tacoma site. There are also many workshops held for career advancement. For anyone looking for an additional career workshop, LinkedIn to Success will take place Monday, Oct. 31 at 12:30 p.m. at William Philip Hall.