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Antique Sandwich Co. hosts compelling open mic night

The Antique Sandwich Co. local restaurant offers a wide spread, including specialty sandwiches. More than just sandwiches, they also have a unique musical side to their business. Every Tuesday from 7–10 p.m. the Antique Sandwich Co. hosts an open mic night. Some have been going to open mic nights there for decades. One performer played the guitar, accordion and piano during his set. When he played the guitar and accordion it was entertaining, but as soon as he played the piano the audience was stunned at his talent. After he played, he told the audience that he had been performing there for over 30 years. This open mic night is for local artists to showcase their talent in a calm, welcoming environment.

When you first walk in the lighting is warm and dim. Yellow lights hang from the ceiling to greet you as you enter. The large counter in the lobby has posters attached to it advertising local events. The space has an older feel, with earth toned color schemes and designs covering the walls. Wood counters and tables are showcased as you walk through. The open mic takes place on a smaller stage in the front of the lobby. A worn beige tapestry with red print serves as the backdrop on stage. Audience members can order food while listening to the performers play. The menu offers classic sandwiches like ham and cheese, Ruben and salami and cheese. They also have more adventurous options like hummus sprout and tomato, sardine, and the bagel special. The Antique Sandwich Co. also has a large section of tea on their menu as well as some smaller plate options.

The setup allows for audience members to listen to the music in a smaller, intimate environment. Sometimes at other locations, the main purpose is for the music to serve as a background while people chat, eat and walk around. The audience at this location is a respectful group that is solely there to listen to different artists. From the moment the first performer started singing with their guitar, the audience was captivated and focused on the stage. The performers showed the same courtesy by performing and staying to watch the other acts.

Performers from all backgrounds come out to showcase their original music and covers. The music varies from a folksy guitar and singer style to piano solos. Artists play their own music as well as covers of songs. Even though the genres performed were eclectic at times, the folk singers were the most popular among the group. Admission ranges from $1–$3. The food prices ranged from $1–$9.

The Antique Sandwich Co. was started in 1973 and continues to be a local staple in Tacoma. The calm and friendly atmosphere drew me in, while the quirky and relaxed mood kept me engaged during the set. This open mic night is great if you are interested in a wide range of local music and performers.