Tacoma Food Co-op Starts New Programs

On Dec. 21st, 2015, Tacoma Food Co-op agreed to merge with the Seattle Central Food Co-op at a whopping vote of 314-10 at a member meeting. Tacoma Food Co-op has been something of a quiet spot located right on 6th Ave., of­fering all sorts of organic foods and local produce as part of their sustainable local food system.

According to the Tacoma Food Co-op website, “Tacoma Food Co-op was cre­ated by Tacomans coming together, working hard, and investing to create a democratically-owned grocery for local, organic, and non-GMO foods.”

Oftentimes, being able to afford non- GMO foods, organics, or gluten- free is near impossible for low-income people and settling for cheaper, less quality foods is the norm. One shopper who wished to remain anonymous was excited about the merger and Tacoma Food Co-op offering 10% discounts, saying, “I’m do­ing the best I can to give my children an opportunity of health and I do my part by having a membership here.”

According to both the Central and Tacoma Food Co-ops, participants who signed up for the 10% discount Healthy Community Program saved $20,000 on their groceries in 2014.

Benefits of membership into the Ta­coma Food Co-op or the Healthy Com­munity Program consists of weekly events ranging from cooking demos to learning about sustainability. HCP is an annual program, meaning that if you sign up now, all you need to do is get a new card each year. Interested? Simply stop at 6th Ave. Tacoma Food Co-op and fill out a quick and easy form to receive your 10% discounts, only available on Tuesdays.