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Tacoma Arts Month takes over the city

Tacoma Arts Month runs for the entire month of October. It is a celebration of different art and culture throughout the city. Some of the events are free, some are more expensive than others, but most are affordable, staying within the $10—$15 range. The events vary in price because the activities change each day and have a different location. Some events are aimed toward specific age groups, but there are plenty of all ages events for families.


The Tacoma Film Festival has been a part of the Tacoma community since 2006. The festival runs from Oct. 6 to 13. During the festival, various filmmakers and coordinators will be screening films, leading workshops, hosting interviews and much more.


Since it is October, some events are Halloween-inspired. The Addams Family plays at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse through Oct. 16 and Dracula plays at the Tacoma Little Theatre Oct. 21 thru Nov. 6. These shows range from $22—$31. Both of the theaters have smaller seating sections so the experience is up close and memorable. They are also showing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Blue Mouse Theatre every second and fourth Saturday, and admission is $6. This event actually runs year round — but its popularity spikes during the fall season. It is an interactive function, regulars go on stage and act out the film alongside the screening. They also have musical numbers where all of the audience is encouraged to join in.


Chihuly walking tours will be offered Oct. 7 and 21, and there is a $12 fee for students. This tour will show famous Chihuly art. Vibrant colors, unique shapes and dynamic patterns can be expected when viewing his art. The Tacoma Poetry Festival, happening on Oct. 21 and 22, will showcase five acclaimed poets at the event, the fees range from $25—$55. They will share their work and offer insightful workshops during the festival. LeMay America’s Car Museum is hosting a scavenger hunt all month, and this event is free to the public. The “Cars as Art”-themed search encourages participants to view the cars as artistic and statues for the full effect.

Art plays a huge part in the livelihood of the city. Since there is something every day, there is something for everyone. These events showcase the creativity and originality throughout the area. This month is a chance for the community to dive into the culture of Tacoma.