Washington State Fair Returns This Weekend

The Washington State Spring Fair is returning on Thursday, April 14th. The fair will remain open through the 17th.

The Washington State Fair, commonly known as the Puyallup Fair, is the largest one of its kind held annually in the state of Washington.

This spring opening of the fair will be bigger than before. With the opening of SillyVille and an additional four acres, the new area will also include 12 additional food booths. SillyVille is the fair area designated primarily for children, with the food options featuring kids value meals.

According to the Washington State Fair website, the weekend will also include Motorsport Mayhem. Presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts and sponsored by Budweiser Beer, the Motorsport Mayhem weekend will feature monster truck events.

Thursday through Saturday, rides around the park on monster trucks will be $7. The weekend will also include monster truck shows, produced by WGAS Motorsports. There will also be a pit party on Friday.

First year UWT student Thailer Mcleod enjoys the fair because of the scones. “Scones are life,” he says. According to the fair website, they have been a fair-favorite since the early 1900s. “Smeared with whipped butter and local raspberry jam, these mouth-watering scones continue to be a crowd pleaser year after year,” it says.

Since 2015, the fair has sold over 1.6 million scones during the fall and spring season.

Mcleod’s favorite ride at the fair is the Extreme Scream, which goes 20 stories into the air and drops the rider back down at a much faster pace.

A Spring Fair favorite, according to the site, is the Swifty Swine event that features racing pigs. Presented by Reber Ranch, pigs will be racing to receive an Oreo cookie. All shows at the Spring Fair are included in the price of admission.

Another addition included in this year’s Spring Fair is the Timberworks LumberJack Show. The show offers spectators comedy, logging history, and competitive events such as ax throwing, log rolling, and chainsaw carving.

UWT Communications student Josie Atkins is attending the Spring Fair for her birthday. Her favorite ride is the octopus ride, although her favorite thing about the fair is the animals. When asked why, Atkins says, “because they’re cute.” Her favorite animals at the fair are the baby pigs.

Tickets for the Spring Fair are $10, yet pre-fair admission tickets are $7.50 and can be purchased online until Wednesday, April 13th. For those first year students 18-years-old and younger, tickets are $8, and $6.50 pre-fair admission.