Could Carson Be the Best Candidate?

As the presidential search con­tinues, many Republican can­didates are pushed aside as Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump take the lead in the polls. Both of these candidates are first-timers and have never held a political office, but there are a few things that make Carson stand out. Rather than spending his time slamming other can­didates and talking about the money he has made like Trump, Carson addresses issues of race, jobs, education, and for­eign affairs with a level-head.

Many don’t see Carson as a front runner and that’s because liberal media doesn’t support him. Carson represents everything that the media is not inter­ested in. Most news media stations want stories about white on black hate crimes, Islamic discrimination, and LGBT law­suits. Nobody wants to hear about an African American neurosurgeon that wants to unite a divided people. The media is doing anything they can to downplay his recent success in the polls. In fact, a recent report from The Federal­ist stated that Jill Biden, who has a Doc­torate in Education, is three times more likely to be called “Dr.” in news articles than Carson, who both graduated from, and practiced neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Despite the lack of coverage from the media, Carson has risen to first in the polls. According to NBC, Carson holds 29% of the Republican vote with Trump trailing at 23%. It’s interesting how most liberals state that Republicans don’t rep­resent them well. Yet, here is a candidate that is African American, who grew up from a poor family in downtown Detroit. Another candidate is Hispanic, Marco Rubio, and yet another is female, Carly Fiorina. Carson and the other candidates prove that you don’t have to vote for a Democrat to be represented.

In the first GOP debate on Aug. 6th, Ben Carson stated, “I operate on patient’s brains; the one thing that makes them who they are. The skin doesn’t make them who they are.” He went on to say that we must be a United States of America, not a Divided States of America. This is a man who can see the differences in race, ethnicity, and class in America and wants to unite our differences.

Many news outlets like the Huffing­ton Post represent Carson as a bigot and state that he “…knows nothing about the Constitution.” In response to his com­ment about Muslims not being fit to hold political office in the United States, Car­son clarified that an Islamic person who supports the doctrines of Sharia law should not be president because it would directly contradict American laws and beliefs. According to the Middle East Eye and Islamic Supreme Council of America, Sharia law is a barbaric code that sanc­tions dismemberment, lashings, and mutilation as punishment for things like homosexuality, premarital sex, and criticizing Allah.

Carson simply stated that a radical religious zealot who holds these beliefs should not be president. Yet, it’s shots like this that show there really isn’t much dirt on Carson.

If a political analyst doesn’t like Trump, all they have to do is talk about how he is ignorant and hot headed, and joke about his toupee a little.

But with Carson, there really isn’t much dirt on him. As a practiced med­ical doctor and educator, this candidate will have an eye for education reform. During a political rally in March of 2014 Carson stated, “When you educate a man, you liberate a man.” He believes that we must improve America’s educa­tion system and support the next gen­eration of learners. Few know that Car­son has been giving students $1,000 scholarships, to help pay for books and tuition, since 1994.

As an African American from a poor household, Carson will have ideas for achieving class and racial unity. During the second Republican Debate on Aug. 6th, Carson said that as Americans, we need to focus on preventing liberal media from driving racial wedges between us.

As a Christian, he will support reli­gious freedom. Many think that Dr. Carson only supports Christian religious freedom, but that is incorrect. During an interview with CNN a reporter grilled Carson on his comments about Islam. However, Carson replied saying:

“I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States.” Car­son is an avid Christian but he respects other religions and would support and uphold the First Amendment. There is no other candidate that supports the Constitution and wants unity as much as Carson. As president, Dr. Carson could revive America.