Why Obama’s Plan for the Syrian “Refugees” is Horrifying

Since the rise of ISIS in Syria, more than 12 million people have been dis­placed due to the intense fighting, and more than four million of those displaced are refugees. According to World Vision, these refugees have fled mainly through Turkey on foot, and are taking any op­portunity they can to free themselves from the carnage. Sweden has recently closed its borders, filling itself with more than 80,000 refugees. With Sweden and other European countries reaching ca­pacity, many look to North America for refuge.

All of this sounds extremely compel­ling. Thousands of children displaced, people losing their homes, war, refugees in need. Yet, let’s not forget that just a few weeks ago, according to French Police reports, terrorist cells used the influx of Syrian refugees in France to help smuggle their fighters in. This crisis is huge and one could argue the biggest of its time, but that doesn’t mean that we should abandon all reason and let 10,000 refugees into America. In a United Nations report they estimate that 38.5% of the Syrian refugees are young men. This means most of them are women and children. So we should let our guard down then? No, there have been scores of incidents in the past months of female terrorists striking in Israel and other countries.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help these people. If refugees are in need of supplies, food, water, and clothes, then we should send all we can to them, but we shouldn’t be permanently resettling 10,000 potential terrorist contacts on U.S. soil just to make us feel better about our­selves. This is especially not a good policy considering right after the attack in Paris the French police found a Syrian passport on one of the terrorists. He may not have been a refugee, but he was using the large influx of people to make his way into Paris undetected with explosives and weapons.

It’s one thing hearing about all of these events in other countries or in distant parts of the world, but this resettlement plan would provide an easy in for terror­ists right here in Washington. Imagine the events in Paris repeated in Seattle. More than 100 people left dead on the streets! Sure, it isn’t the refugees that are going to do this but they will be the per­fect Trojan horse. After the Paris bomb­ings, ISIS released a video claiming the attack and stating that the U.S is next and that they plan to strike Washington D.C.

It is only human to feel sympathy for the people in Syria, but with all the glob­al turmoil currently, it’s an unsafe bet to let 10,000 unknown variables wander into our borders. It isn’t the kindest thing to do, but it is the safest. I strongly urge anyone that agrees to contact your rep­resentative here at house.gov/representa­tives/find.

If you want to aid the refugees there are a number of organizations that pro­vide help, including UNHCR, Unicef, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, the International Red Cross and Save the Children. All are legitimate according to The Guardian.