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Tacoma Comedy Club Offers Great Food and Laughs

Are you looking for a fun night of laughs and fun at a great price? Sounds cheesy I know, but this is no fake. The Tacoma Comedy Club is the place to go for a fun night. This well rounded club features everything from people just starting out on their road to fame all the way to people with well-established careers. The catch? There isn’t one, and it all comes at a great price.

Many other events will have you paying up­wards of $100 just for general admissions, but not this club. At the Tacoma Comedy Club tickets range from $10-$20 for regular events and they even give you a table with plenty of leg room to sprawl out and enjoy. Special events are a little bit pricier, but for being able to see great comedians like Jo Koy, Jon Lovits, Ty Barnett and so many more, it’s always worth the price.

This wonderful place is as Aaron Kirby, an up and coming comedian, stated “the best comedy club on the west coast.” Aaron is a great come­dian himself and has helped and performed at many events since he moved down here to the lovely city of Tacoma. This club really is a great time and I forgot to mention one little thing: the food is wonderful.

This place has amazing food and some of the absolute nicest service in all of Washington. The people are extremely nice no matter the circum­stance. I mean how could they be angry; they get to see some of the shows too after all. One down­side of this place however is the age limit on the shows. You must be 18 or older for most if not all of the shows and they do have shows after 10 for adults ages 21 and up.

This is a downside for those of you younger folk who want to join this place for a great night out, but don’t worry. This place won’t be going anywhere soon. Open since 2011 this places popularity has skyrocketed and even started up an open mic night, that’s right YOU can be in the show!

The owner Adam Norwest sure knew what he was doing when he opened this place and all I can say personally is thank you! This place is a MUST if you really want to experience what Ta­coma has to offer. I urge any and all (that are of age of course) to come and see this for yourself. This month is packed with great talent and amaz­ing comedy. Trevor Garrett, one of the employees of the club explained to me that “A lot of people don’t know about it until they stumble upon it, but those who do come back.”

I completely agree with Trevor when I say that this is truly one of the best times I have had in a long while, and I can guarantee I’ll be going back soon. Come on a check this place out, for a great price with great people what do you have to lose. Also just saying try the nachos, they are great but nothing next to the comedy.