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Dining at the Over the Moon Café

Are you looking for a romantic night out on the town? Or maybe just a night place to eat with some good friends? Over the Moon Café has got you covered! This wonderful little gem of Ta­coma is located just off of Opera Alley and 7th Street. This small yet wonderful place has become increasingly popular and has become a “pro­posal destination” for Tacoma residents and non-residents.

Open since June 2001, Over the Moon serves a variety of dishes with a Northwestern/Italian flare. This restaurant used to be part of the back­stage of an old opera house and they have done wonders with it, having turned it from a back­stage to a main attraction. Rica, one of the em­ployees, stated that she “loves the owner, she is very nice and all the workers are so friendly. I love this job.” Believe me, you will love their job too. The wonderful staff here are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will ever meet.

The café has become pretty popular in the past few years and it is highly advised that you make a reservation first if you wish to join them for a meal. Sadly, they are completely booked for Valentine’s Day, as this is one of, if not the most romantic place in Tacoma to take a date. Just to add to the romance, customers are invited to leave notes of affection, affirmation, etc. in little jars on the tables. You are also invited to look through the jars and read others’ notes, ranging from engagement notes to notes passed between longtime friends. You’ll want to keep reading these.

Billie, one of the chefs, told me “I have been here for five years and it just feel like I’m with family.” These people truly care about this place and it shows. From the moment you walk in the door you won’t want to leave, especially with food this good. They have a claim for the best grilled cheese sandwich in Tacoma, I would even go as far to say that it’s the best on the West Coast. This truly is a place that you need to come and try for yourself.

The Over the Moon Café is here to stay in Tacoma and I can say from my personal experi­ence that I am glad about that. If you are looking to impress your loved ones, significant other, or maybe pop the question, this is the place to be. With a great location, the employees encourage you to stop by and try it out, and I am with them when I say this is truly a treat that all people in Tacoma should try!