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UWT Rotaract Club Fosters Fellowship

Rotaract Club meets every oth­er Monday to provide free lunch and give its members the opportunity to hear from representa­tives of the various organizations for which they volunteer, or even with speakers exploring the science of com­munication. Nearly fifty years old as a whole, the UWT chapter of Rotaract began in September of 2012. Its pur­pose? To provide adults from the ages of 18-30 with an organization that of­fers connections to volunteer, strength­en communities and promote profes­sionalism.

As an organization that has con­nected with communities worldwide, Rotaract was formed in 1968 in Char­lotte, North Carolina. Today Rotaract has nearly 220,000 clubs across the planet, providing members with ample opportunity to interact with a vast network of peers, effectively placing them within an international com­munity of individuals with mind to­wards community and self-improve­ment.

UWT Rotaract participates in various local volunteer opportunities such as engaging with hospitalized patients and their families through Multicare’s Tree House volunteer pro­gram, organizing blood drives, or fea­sibly any viable volunteer interest that a member might have.

Prospective members need only attend a meeting, in order to maintain membership. All members must attend two meetings and a volunteer event or two events with one general meeting.

Rotaract will be facilitating a blood drive with Cascade Regional Blood Services on Feb. 19. On March 9, members will celebrate the quarter with their end of quarter social. More information regarding Rotaract can be located in the weekly student involve­ment emails, as well as on DawgDen.