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Husky Volunteers of UWT are honoured with service medallions

UW Tacoma aims to honor and encourage students to engage within the community with the Husky Volunteer Program. This new initiative, established in 2015, seeks to reward exceptional commitments to community service by incentivizing students with a Husky Medallion award.

Students who complete specific hour requirements will be presented with a medallion from the Center for Service and Leadership at the graduation ceremony. Those who complete 100 to 200 hours are awarded a silver medallion, 200 to 300 a purple medallion and 300 hours or more hours a gold medallion.

The Husky Volunteer program is a resource for any UWT student, meant to encourage students to give back to their communities and maximize their potential while studying at the UW.

To become a Husky Volunteer, students must sign up for a service orientation or schedule an appointment with the CSL. The next orientation will be May 1 at 1 p.m. in the Mattress Factory room 107. The CSL is happy to assist students in matching them with organizations and volunteer groups that best fit them. Throughout the volunteer process, students log their hours on UWT’s campus website. Students can either log ongoing service hours with an organization or one time service events. Any community service that students complete during their time at UWT can be logged and accounted for the volunteer program.

In order to receive the medallion on graduation day, students must submit their applications prior to May 13 during their senior year. Upon completion of hours, students will have access to resume consultations to learn how to best display their service for future opportunities.


For more information, contact theCenter for Service and Leadership at
or email Paul Prociv at


Alyssa Tatro

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