Diversity Resource Director Bids Farewell with Benefit for Equality

Known to most as Jo Enscoe, or even affectionately as Mamma Jo, Shellie Jo Enscoe has resigned from her position as Diversity Resource Center (DRC) Director to take on a new posi­tion as director for Diversity and Mul­ticultural Affairs for the Salt Lake City Community College District. Enscoe has been known to students, staff, and faculty (and anyone else who might need her) to always have an open door, a shoulder to cry on, essentially being a rock for whoever needed her. Among those who benefited from Enscoe’s kindess were DRC employee Frankie Nogales.

“She doesn’t have to say anything, she just puts herself out there to be there for everyone. She challenges you. I don’t know how they are going to replace someone as outstanding as her.”

In classic Enscoe fashion she left her job with a bang, celebrating at her favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings, hosting a benefit from which all pro­ceeds went toward her passions, Eq­uity and Diversity via donations di­rectly to the DRC.

Enscoe had a long standing career of 14 years at UWT, receiving multiple distinguishments such as: the 2014 Distinguished Service Award, 2013 Outstanding Woman Award, the 2012 Students’ Choice for Outstanding Staff Award, and 2009 Spirit of Service Award.

Many staff, students, faculty and her subordinates within the DRC ex­pressed their heartbreak in Enscoe’s departure but sent her off with love. Though she is eager for her new posi­tion and a new adventure, she takes with her the many memories she has forged in her years at UWT.

Her absence sparks the beginning of a nationwide search for an indi­vidual to fill her shoes.