Construction begins on Refuse-Recycling Center on campus

On Friday, January 3, construction began on campus for a Refuse-Recycling Center to provide service to UW Tacoma’s retail places on Pacific Avenue.

The Refuse-Recycling Center project, once completed, will serve the purpose of “relocating and screening” the recycling and should be completed within 30 days.  The construction will take place on the north end of campus, and Director of Planning and Sustainability Milt Tremblay assured that for students, interference caused by it will be very minimal.

Tremblay encouraged students in an email to “be cautious when passing near any of our construction areas.” Managed through Capital Projects and completed through Forma Construction, the new center will service retail shops along Pacific Avenue, including new or upcoming tenants like Than Brothers Pho and Jimmy John’s.

The center is “basically a new place for them [the retail tenants] to put their garbage and recycling,” and will create a less “unsightly” placement area, said Tremblay. The previous place designated for the retail shops to put their waste was less ideal and the new center will better contain the garbage and recycling with enclosures to keep waste from being very visible from the street.