Business major opens to freshmen

UW Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business will accept freshmen applications to the undergraduate business degree.

Beginning in fall of 2014, freshmen will not have to wait until their second year to apply to the major, a change that Milgard Dean Shahrokh Saudagaran told the News Tribune will lessen the “uncertainty” of being accepted or not after spending two years at UW Tacoma. Those not accepted when this goes into place will be able to reapply their sophomore year.

Saudagaran said that if students are able to solidify their major from the beginning of their college career, they are less likely to want or need to transfer to other colleges. “It will be a much better experience,” he told the News Tribune in late December, “We had the sense that the time was right.” He also mentioned that when students have more assurance about their degree path, the opportunities to become involved in campus groups and activities will be greater, increasing a sense of community.

Notification of the application changes will be spread by a recruiter to high schools in local and nearby counties. Last week, the Milgard School of Business held a “Freshman Direct Preview Day” on campus with details for high school students and parents.