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Andrei’s Studio: Former Ledger illustrator breaks into Tacoma art scene

Ledger alumnus Andrei Vassiliev has been working hard to cook up fresh art and will be presenting his work as part of the “FERUS” exhibit at the New Frontier Lounge on Sunday, November 24, at 6 p.m.

Vassiliev recently moved into a studio space near Tacoma Dome Station where he draws inspiration from his studies as an Arts, Media and Culture major and pours it into works like “The Temptation of Gaia” and “The Story of Humanity.” The artist says taking literature classes with instructors like Joe Sharkey really fueled his inspiration for the literary and visual symbolism in his works.

The “FERUS” exhibit promises to showcase “Untamed Art,” including works by local artists Shelly Ann Snyder, Pasha Kish, Debo’s Chain maille and industrial art, and more artists to be announced. Art will be on the New Frontier stage for viewers to peruse and/or purchase.

Vassiliev became interested in creating his own art when he saw Matisse copies at a craft store selling for $200. He figured he could do better. He is influenced by artists like Keith Haring, Escher, Dali, traditional Russian painters, and Bruce Lee, who taught him how to learn and hone technique.

He’s thankful for having a wide studio space. He now realizes having a longer room helps him to “look back” on his work and admire his achievements.