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Film Review: ‘GMO OMG’

The deadline to vote for Initiative 522 is drawing near and on November 5, Washingtonians will decide whether they want their food to be branded with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labels or not. Ripe debate is continuously occurring amongst opposing sides of the argument but the vote will have to be in by the creeping deadline.

If you want to further educate yourself about GMOs and be entertained at the same time, it is imperative that you watch the documentary “GMO OMG” directed by Jeremy Seifert. The tagline for this documentary is “Is this the End of Real Food?” and since its release in select theaters on Sept. 13, it has garnered rave reviews from Variety as “alarming” and “constantly provocative” from “Screen Daily” magazine. It is the winner of the best documentary at the Berkshire International Film Festival and the winner of the audience choice at the Yale Environmental Film Festival.

The 1hr 27min documentary entails the journey of the director and concerned father, Jeremy Seifert, and his search for answers about GMOs. He wants to know how GMOs affect children, the health of the planet, and the freedom of choice. Perhaps the ultimate question lies in whether the world is aware of the contents on their plate and whether or not they have the right to change it. These and other questions lead Seifert away from home to journey across the world to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agriculture-giant Monsanto in Missouri, where he was not very welcome. The audience travels with Seifert through a journey of insight and revelation and bears witness to the concern the citizens around the world are sharing about what’s really on their plate.

“GMO OMG” has not been widely released but there are show times for more quaint cinematic establishments such as the SIFF Film Center in Seattle, where it is now playing. Do not miss the opportunity to watch one of the most eye-opening documentaries of the year.