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So Many “Street Fighter IV” Games! Oh, My!

How many “Street Fighter IV” games has Capcom released?  Let’s count: “Street Fighter IV” (2009), “Super Street Fighter IV” (2010), “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition” (2011), “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012” (a free downloadable patch), and finally, coming in 2014, “Ultra Street Fighter IV.”

Although “Version 2012” was a free patch, it was a significant enough patch to be called its own game because it overhauled the roster.  So in total, counting “Version 2012” and “Ultra,” there are five “Street Fighter IV” games.  And that is since only 2009!

As a “Street Fighter” fan, I was excited when I heard news of a “Super” update to the first “Street Fighter IV.”  Even though I mainly use Ken, the revelation of new characters and the option to choose a second Ultra Combo elated me.

But then Capcom annoyed me when it said it will release an “Arcade Edition” of “Super Street Fighter IV,” adding characters and balancing tweaks.  I was satisfied with the first “Super Street Fighter IV.”

Why can’t Capcom make a definitive game?  Capcom’s treatment of the “Street Fighter IV” franchise is like George Lucas’ “special edition” treatment of the original “Star Wars” trilogy in the Nineties.  Episodes IV, V, and VI didn’t need to be remade because they were perfect.

Like the original trilogy of “Star Wars,” “Street Fighter IV” will never be perfected if it’s constantly being remade.  “Star Wars” didn’t need more characters or a scene that consisted of only a few shots.  Same thing with “Street Fighter”:  Adding more characters no one will use or making tweaks no one will notice will do nothing (and I only main Ken).  

There will always be irate fans complaining about a character being too cheap or not strong enough or the roster missing a well-deserved place.