ASUWT seeks increased election turnout for 2013-2014 school year

This fall, the Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma has many new projects to discuss for the quarter. Specifically are the elections that are coming up. Members of ASUWT have a goal to attract up to 400 voters this year. Also, there will no longer be a voting box this year. They have decided to give out new “voter bags” to the voters.

The big goal for ASUWT this year is to have more voter turnout at our campus than UW Seattle and UW Bothell combined. The amount of voters last election totaled 322 which isn’t considered bad at our UW Tacoma campus.

The 2013 spring election ended with our president being Peter Z. Pentescu and our vice president being Alex Yuly. Senators this year are Jocelyn Patterson, Megan Nation, Rebecca Dobler-Chale, Aji Fatou Faye, Osheen Gollen, Chantell Muñoz, Marae Slyter, and Gerry Cercado.