Forgione to Sing National Anthem to Grads

Dodi Forgione, this year’s graduation singer, will be performing the national anthem to open the 2013 ceremony, a task to which she is no stranger.

“I’ve been doing the national anthem for my sons’ games for three years now,” she said as she talked about her most recent performance, at a UW baseball game, which was televised.

Forgione, a mother of three, is majoring in psychology in the hopes of one day starting a seminar based program for parents and kids that will focus on communication and self-esteem awareness.

Though she still has one year and a doctoral program to go, coming to school has been a powerful experience for Forgione.

“I came to campus and realized that I had made it this far; the sky’s the limit,” she said.

Education, to Forgione, is something that a person will always have, no matter what life challenges may arise.

“I wish all the new grads the best,” she said, “They’ve accomplished something that no one can take away.”


Photo courtesy of Dodi Forgione.