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Obituaries: Enjoy these Tacoma Staples While You Still Can

There have been some shake-ups in Tacoma. Here are some reminders to enjoy what flavor you can get in Tacoma while it’s there to be savored.


Weekly Volcano

The Weekly Volcano we know will be a backup feature of the Ranger. What else we got? The Tacoma Weekly? The Tacoma Ledger? SI 411? Hopefully it’ll rise from the ashes like it did last time this happened. In case anyone who’s reading this was wondering, yes, you can tell us where your parties and events are and we’ll likely print it. Do you own or know of a shop/venue/karaoke night that’s not well known but worth covering? You can reach me at:


Poison Apple

This quirky boutique on Pac Ave might not stay open through this summer. “What business?” replied store owner Jooley Heaps when asked about how things were going. Her recent garage sale she had generated more sales than her brick and mortar located just south of Ninth.


1022 South

The New York Times-featured Hilltop apothecary recently had a managerial shake-up as Chris Keil prepares to open a new cocktail lounge, Hilltop Kitchen. The News Tribune reported on the shift. In the meantime, the entire staff of 1022 South has also left and the bar won’t be opening their doors in weeks. So if you liked 1022 South, return that Hilltop Kitchen friend request!


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