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Come Out to Girdy May 2

Every Wednesday at the UW Tacoma’s Mattress Factory, SAB puts on an event known as Washington Wednesday where there’s live music, games, prizes, and many other activities for UWT students to come and enjoy. Coming up May 2nd is Girdy, UW Tacoma’s annual Spring Festival held at the Longshoreman’s Hall. It will be hosted in conjunction with SAB and Washington Wednesday.

The event will be featuring Ben Union, a pop-rock band from the Seattle area as the headlining act. Ben Union has a very energetic vibe. Their songs are politically driven and they know how to pump up a crowd.

Also playing is Down North, a soulful blues-rock band, from the Mill Creek. Down North is a diverse group of guys, bringing soul back to the rock n’ roll genre. This band formed when group leader Anthony and Brandon meet each other from Craigslist and has since formed a super group of members, including their award-winning drummer Conrad Real from the contest “Drum Off”.

Another band playing is the Fame Riot a glam rock band from Tacoma that really defines the word “glam.” Watching this band is like taking a time machine back to the 80s. This band consists of only two members playing a collage of electronica and rock influenced styles.

Village, another alternative rock band appearing, that follows the styles of indie-rock, reggae, rock, and funk. This interesting band in composed of three brothers and one of their best friends.

This show has a huge variety of music that practically anyone can get into. There is a little something for everyone is this lineup. If you like indie or alternative music you’ll definitely don’t want to miss this show. The doors open at 6 p.m. and Village will open the night at around 6:30. Admission is free to any UWT or SotA student. General admission is $15. To purchase a ticket for this event go to For further information on the event contact SAB’s Entertainment Coordinator Nathan Pelland.