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New Installment in the “Twilight” Series

Think the infamous vampire saga was over? Think again. It has been just confirmed that Stephanie Meyer will be set to release the next installment in the Twilight Saga that everyone will be excited for and is definitely not just a grab for more cash on a successful existing intellectual property. This will be the next book to follow “Breaking Dawn” and will entail the continuing love story of the vamp couple Edward and Bella Cullen. However, not everything is as sparkling as it seems, besides Edward. This time, Meyer takes a bite (pun intended) at the two inseparable lovers and introduces a new problem in their lives, one that won’t be as easy to overcome as the vampire James in “Twilight,” the Volturi in “New Moon,” the vampire Victoria in “Eclipse,” and the Volturi (they won’t back off), Jacob’s erratic behavior, and Bella’s demon baby in “Breaking Dawn.” Yes, they’ve been through a lot but I guess Meyer never seems to run out of ideas. In keeping with the astronomical theme with her previous book titles, Meyer’s latest installment is entitled “Waning Crescent.” I’m guessing this title is an ode to Edward and Bella’s waning relationship.  Here is an excerpt from “Waning Crescent”:

I walked into the living room, dragging my fluffy kitty slippers across the hardwood floors. Edward was exactly where I had left him hours ago, still sitting on the sofa, his eyes glazed over and affixed on the TV screen.

“I thought you didn’t like watching TV?” I asked. He didn’t answer.

“Renesmee is not feeling well; she’s needs to feed. I think we all need to feed. Edward are you listening?” I asked again.

“Gross, how could you be that stupid girrrrl?” he yelled. I looked at the TV to see what he was so absorbed in. It was “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I tried grabbing the remote from his hand but he was tugging on it and not letting go.

“Let go, Bella!” he yelled.

“That is it! What has got into you these days?” I screamed surrendering the remote. He returned to his position and continued smiling at the TV, laughing under his breath every couple of seconds. Just then the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Jacob standing there in hand with a massive bouquet of flowers.

“Hey, Bella,” he said grinning.

“Hey, Jake! I’m so glad to see you. Things have been crazy around here lately. It’s nice to talk to someone normal for a change,” I said.

“Bella, I’m a werewolf remember? And I’m pretty sure that’s not normal,” he laughed.

“Things with Edward haven’t been quite the same. I keep longing for the old Edward, like when we had our honeymoon off the coast of Brazil,” I said. “Oh…” he said, looking down at his shoes. There was an awkward silence between us. I began to fondle my hair and bite my lip incessantly.

“Uh, are these for me?” I asked, reaching out for the bouquet. “Actually these are for Nessie,” he replied, taking the flowers away from my reach. If I was still human, I would be red as a beet right now. “Can I go meet her?” he asked grinning.

“Sure, she upstairs in her room,” I replied sheepishly. After a few moments, I heard yelling and laughter coming from upstairs. With my vampire agility I was up there in no time.

“What is—?” Before I could finish I saw Jacob on the floor laughing and Nessie standing there in shock.

“Mom, why is Daddy wearing a dress?” asked Nessie.

“Oh don’t be silly Nessie, just call me Edwina the great sparkle queen!” said Edward, sashaying to and fro in the hallway in one of my dresses.

“Oh not again…” I sighed.

Judging from this excerpt, Edward is definitely experiencing some difficulties in adjusting to being a husband and a parent. Nonetheless, the couple has been yet again confronted with issues that they must overcome. I have a feeling this one will surely be tough. Meyer never seems to run out of ideas for what will sure to be another welcome addition to the ocean of classic literature. Read on to see what happens as “Waning Crescent” hits the shelves today.