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Student Style

Pavel Melnik                                                                                                                      Leah Folden

Major: Urban Studies                                                                                                     Major: Social Work


Style Q & A

1. How would you describe your style in three words?
– Presentable, casual, and sophisticated – I’d like to think so on the last one.
2. Most worn/favorite item?
– Throughout the winter months I catch myself wearing MADDEN M-Roust boots with faux fur lining quite a bit; these things are incredibly warm, soft, and comfortable.
3. Fashion rule to live by?
– Not so much a rule, but I do try to incorporate brands such as H&M along with luxury labels. Beyond the savings to be had, this outfit scenario creates an illusion that the whole outfit is more expensive than it really is.
4. Favorite designer/store/label?
– Noticed that I’ve been buying Michael Kors items for a dressier on occasion, although, DIESEL has been my favorite label for the longest time. Nordstrom Rack supplies majority of my clothing articles, however, I like to pick up original items on my travels and at small boutiques.


Style Q & A

1. How would you describe your style in three words?
Rebelliously Antiquated.. wait that’s two
2. Most worn/favorite item?
I would have to say my most worn item isleggings. You can take them to either end of the socioeconomic spectrum. Rags to riches at the change of a sock.
3. Fashion rule to live by?
If it offends an adult, you are probably on the right track. Although I buy the occasional garment at the mall, I try to be conscious of what the companies stand for that I am contributing to. Local shops are always nice for peace of mind.
4. Favorite designer/store/label?
I would have to say American Apparel. Every style in every color.
5. Favorite trend this season?
I think anything that makes you look like you used your imagination; so often people rely on storefronts or magazines to tell them what looks good.



Outfit 1:

DIESEL – Shirt, Cardigan, Watch
Burberry – Jeans
Madden – Boots
SENZ – Umbrella

Outfit 1:H&M – Modern trench coat
UrbanXChange – Blouse & Shorts
Antique store on Vashon – Jewelry
Grandmother’s closet – Belt & shoes
Outfit 2:H&M – Pants and shirt

Howie – Jacket

Bruno Magli – Shoes

ZAZA – Watch I bought for 20EURO in Amsterdam

Outfit 2:Chicago H&M – Leopard JacketUrbanXChange – Blouse

American Apparel – Disco Pant

Vashon thrift store – Dr. Martin Boots



Photos by Andy Cox