Valentine’s Day Events in Tacoma

Studies have shown that most people do not plan for Valentine’s Day until it is almost upon them. So to help those people, here is a list of celebratory events happening on, and around, campus this week.

SAB will be hosting their “Week of Love:” three days of events centered around Valentine’s Day and students.

On the 13th, during lunch hour, students can participate in “The Dating Game,” which will be a chance for them to become acquainted with others, and perhaps find that special someone. An SAB spokesperson called the game “a friendlier version of speed dating.” Timed rounds will allow participants to ask each other questions, then move on to another person. If one person in particular stands out, SAB will connect you with him or her at the end of the game.

On the 14th students can go to the WPH atrium and make cards for their crush, friend, or loved one. Not only will your crush appreciate the personalized touch of a handmade card, but to accompany each one will be a can of Crush soda for them to enjoy.

To finish off the week SAB will be hosting their annual Winter Ball. This year’s theme is “Night in Paris,” and the colors are red, gold, white, and black. The dance, which will be held in WPH, is formal, and finger foods will be provided. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for non-students. To purchase tickets go to Mat 103.

Elsewhere in Tacoma several other Valentine’s Day events will be happening as well:

Broadway Center’s “Sweet and Spicy: A Valentine’s Day Burlesque” will feature local artists, and proceeds will go to benefit Pierce County’s YWCA and Broadway Center. The center’s website says the night will “bring together sexy, classy acts of bawdy and inspiring behavior,” and will provide dessert along with entertainment.

If you are looking for a great place to eat on Valentine’s Day, Tacoma’s Pacific Grill has a Valentine’s menu with a special focus on desserts.

The coffee shop 208 Garfield will be hosting a Wine & Bacon Pairing Dinner that will include four courses of cured meats paired with Northwest wines.

For those who already have a special date planned, but are still in a panic searching for the perfect gift, visit The Weekly Volcano’s “Spew Blog” for a list of local products that make for great Valentine’s Day gifts.


Illustration by Danielle Burch.