Campus Life

Profile: Beverly Naidus

When Beverly Naidus lectures, one can feel her enthusiasm and knows that she is a person who believes in what she does. Naidus has guest-lectured and led workshops all over North America and in Europe. Using art to nurture social justice, she has also authored several books and many articles. Find one of her books, titled “Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame” (2009), in the campus bookstore.

Inspired by experience, topics in Naidus’ artwork include environmental challenges, nuclear war, healing of body hate, celebrating cultural identity, and envisioning utopia and global social justice among many others.

She has co-created a program with Tyler Budge for UWT called “Arts in Community,” with a focus on art for social change and healing, as well as narrative and conceptual approaches to art. They hope it will soon become an IAS major.

Naidus recently moved from Vashon Island to Seattle with her husband and son.