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Got an ID? You’re in Free.

If you haven’t heard by now, all three of Tacoma’s most esteemed museums are now free to anyone with a Husky Card, assuming you didn’t steal it of course. Yes, you heard right. After grabbing an Americano at Anthem, go ahead and take a sharp right and gallivant about the history museum like you own the place. Here you can find anything from an ancient Clovis spearhead to exhibits on Washington’s first motorcycles.

Gone are the days where one might find oneself begrudgingly spending four hours at a museum just so you feel like your getting your money’s worth. If you’re more the anthropomorphic type, venture across the one of a kind Bridge of Glass to the Glass Museum. Just follow the water, can’t miss it. Here you’ll find out why Tacoma is internationally recognized as a glass blowing powerhouse.

If you want a bit of everything under the sun, you should most certainly venture past Union Station (the building with the derby-hatted statue) to the Tacoma Art Museum. Here you will be greeted by a giant red dog. I kid you not.

Now you have every reason to become an art aficionado, the old fashioned way. So I behoove you, put aside your Google and find the exhibit that’s right for you.

In an effort to reduce the popular student pastime of spite-viewing, here is a handful of noteworthy exhibits can could be up your hypothetical alleys.

The Washington Historical Society Museum




                Lets face it, Americans love motorcycles. Whether it’s the pure machismo of it all or the symbolic overtones of freedom, there is truly something about bikes. Bi-monthly speakers and visits from biker clubs are things to expect. Proceeds go to transportation for area schools.


The Tacoma Art Museum



The Pacific Northwest’s Native culture is highly saturated with diverse arts of the Salish Tribes. If you haven’t seen the one of a kind Native American art in person, this would be a great opportunity. One can expect countless performances, both musical and ceremonial as well as a chance to participate.


The Tacoma Glass Museum



Everyone loves an illustrated portrait as you can capture both the reality and embellish the unique features of the subject. “Population” does just that but with glass. The combining of two art mediums can be risky, but originality triumphs here. You may even recognize a few glass enshrouded mugs as all of the subjects are local.