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UWT to hold quarterly undergraduate Student Showcase

UW Tacoma will host its winter quarter undergraduate Student Show­case on March 15. The event will run from 12-2 p.m. in William W. Philip Hall. The showcase — which is open to the entire campus — allows students to display projects and other works completed throughout winter quarter. The event is free, and snacks and refreshments will also be provided.

The Office of Undergraduate Education debuted the event in fall quarter of 2014, and has continued to display work by UWT students for each quarter since then. Historically, traditional forms of presentations include easels and poster board dis­plays. However, this quarter, be on the lookout for more innovative vi­sual work.

Paul Cigarruista, UWT’s program support supervisor for the Office of Undergrad Education, described what attendees can expect.

“This quarter we can expect some fascinating presentations in IoT pol­lution detection, sustainability in ac­tion, mobile technology and health­care delivery and indigenous studies in local tribal communities,” Cigar­ruista said. “Types of presentations will include talks, videos [and] poster board presentations. In the past, these have included short films, art work, oral presentations and performances from various academic disciplines.”

Students are encouraged to attend not only to support peers and their efforts, but to build relationships and connect with others, including UWT faculty.

“It’s a great chance to connect with peers and faculty in their academic fields of study,” Cigarruista said. “Also, current students can gain fresh insight into the coursework and cre­ative environment that UWT offers.”

The showcase creates a beneficial environment for both presenters and attendees, serving as a valuable loca­tion to connect and meet with others and learn about campus programs and various fields of study.

If you are interested in presenting future work, UW Tacoma’s next stu­dent showcase is tentatively sched­uled for June 7, where spring quarter projects will then be on display.