Extra Patrols to Protect Disabled Parking

The City of Tacoma is taking action this year to ensure that parking is available in downtown Tacoma for the disabled during the holiday shopping season. Increased patrols will be on the lookout for those illegally parked in disabled parking throughout the city.

During the week of November 26-30th, the Walk the Block campaign gave schools, law enforcement, and city council members the opportunity to educate people on proper parking habits. They were raising awareness of how violating disabled parking laws affects the people they are intended for, especially during this time of year.

“Parking violations of this nature happen year round and not just during the holidays; however, due to the increase in shopping during the holidays parking properly is more important,” said Aaron Bizier, an intern for the City of Tacoma Commission on Disabilities, which is partnering with the city in this effort.

Due to the increase in activity throughout the city during the holiday season, the temptation to park in a disabled spot for a few minutes, or even to use another person’s disabled parking placard can be very tempting. However, violations of this nature keep those who actually need these spots from being able to go on with their day. They are forced to find inconvenient parking elsewhere, or may be unable to complete their errands.

According to David Carr, the Parking Services Manager at City of Tacoma, parking patrols will be increased throughout the holiday season, and violators will be ticketed.

Parking in a disabled spot without the proper permits will result in a $450 ticket.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of the parking laws and of the consequences of where they choose to park,” said Bizier.

Parking Enforcement Week, inspired by Driving Under the Influence Week, and increased patrols throughout the holiday season are hoped to successfully deter drivers from using spots rightfully meant for those who need them.