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Cumulus Collective Floats Through Tacoma

Despite a heavy class load and a commute from Seattle, Julian Peña is keeping it together to move art forward by bringing together the creative community with the Cumulus Collective. Peña says that the aim is to create something like Andy Warhol’s Factory art group here in Tacoma.

So far the group consists of Peña, Chris Moore of Ill Chemist Oils, Heather Rowland of Dewy & Byrd custom jewelry, Nick Rall on music, Andrea Edwards (photographer), and Shelly Ann Snyder (painter/poet).

Peña was particularly excited about making soaps with Chris Moore. They’re collaborating by making creative molds for the soaps and using unique ingredients, like ashes from Mt. St. Helens.
Shelly Ann Snyder commented that the collaborative environment has helped her as an artist. Some members have helped her out by giving her paints or other art supplies and she’s currently working on opening a studio near The New Frontier for use as an art space or gallery showings.

Peña is hoping to work with the collective to create more events like Cloud Nine, a successful art show recently held at The Mix which was featured prominently in local media. Recent Ledger alum Andrei Vassiliev made an appearance there and was successful in selling a couple of pieces.

The collective is hoping to add more to the cast of characters, so if you have an artistic vision and want to collaborate with people who want to help you make a career out of it, be sure to get in touch with Peña via his website or social networking sites.