Campus Life

ASUWT Update

The Associated Students of UW Tacoma (ASUWT) have been involving themselves in future campus plans and adding members to their team this fall quarter.

The November 2nd meeting successfully appointed Katy Castellanos and Mony Sunheng to the Public Relations Committee. Also, Stacy Curry, Sam Ranslem, and Vanessa Escobar were recently appointed to the Legislative Affairs Committee.

ASUWT Vice President Rai Nauman Mumtaz released a November VP Report full of student government going-ons. An October meeting with the Chancellor included many future plans for campus.  The implementation of study spaces available to students on Sundays was discussed with Vice Chancellor JW Harrington. These will most likely be located in the Cherry Parkes building. Also, once renovations are complete, “three collaborative study rooms” will hopefully be placed in the Tioga Library.

Other campus changes were addressed. Academic Advising is moving to GWP 102, and UW Tacoma is currently offering 12 more online courses than last year.

The Washington Student Association represents more than 120,000 students and 11 associated student governments at public colleges in Washington State.

A recent WSA press release congratulated the “united effort by hundreds of tireless student volunteers on thirteen college campuses” to register new voters before this year’s deadline. Combined, 13,000 new or updated voters were registered for the 2012 election.

The press release had quoted UW Tacoma’s Gabe Bomwan, who led voter registration efforts on campus. He was proud that so many would-be voters were helped in the short amount of time from the start of fall quarter to the deadline. “For most schools just two weeks separated the beginning of classes and Washington’s October 8th cutoff for online and mail-in voter registrations.” Bomwan said of the success UW Tacoma had.