Top 10 Things about “America’s Got Talent” that Annoy Me

1. Banners

In between the acts, a banner appears and flutters at the bottom of the screen, advertising the Olympics on NBC. NBC probably thinks we have short attention spans, and haveforgotten the barrage of commercials during the break about the Olympics.


2. Dance group acts and danger acts with too much going on.

Like geometry problems, I like dance acts to perform symmetrically. Every performer should dance in sync with the others. The same is true of danger acts involving half-pipes. This season has an act with women flipping and hopping like cheerleaders in the background and on the wings of the ramps, while the other members of the act flip with their rollerblades or skateboards. Performing haphazardly looks like a circus act.


3. Sideshow acts

Sideshow acts sicken me all the time. I either flinch or avert my eyes from the television, or I remain watching, experiencing an imaginary pain. The mere sight of a man inked with tattoos piercing his cheek stings; as I watch, I can taste the rusted metal, only able to express my agony with mumbles.


4. People who say “I/We deserve this more than anyone else”

With all competitions, how do you measure the desirability of each contestant? Yes, a contestant may deserve it more than anyone else but what about that other equally talented contestant who is unemployed with a baby on the way?


5. Animal acts

I do not differentiate between animal trainers and stage parents. Animal trainers use animals for their own benefit. Of course, animals don’t have much of a choice like children (however limited it is), but how would you like to be given a doggy treat for doing a flip? Or denied one for failing to jump through a hoop?


6. Crying

With the child contestants, I understand.

With adults? No.

Crying out of happiness is okay. But adults who cry because of losing are like spoiled brats. When we were kids, we all cried when we didn’t get what we wanted. “America’s Got Talent” is no exception. Everyone should remain humble, lose or win.


7. Tron Guy’s butt

During Season 6, a chubby contestant, dubbing himself the “Tron Guy,” walked on stage and wore a “Tron” costume made out of tight powder blue spandex. Highways of dark blue marks lined his outfit.

His act consisted of some sort of introduction speech. Tron Guy got X’d quickly, unable to finish his speech. As he exited the stage undignified, the camera showed Tron Guy’s butt, two chubby hillocks jiggling. I can never eat Jell-O again.


8. The Oroville Lounge

Contestants eat popcorn with Nick Cannon in the Oroville Lounge. Does every place need a brand name? Why not brand name the Tacoma Dome “Doritos Dome”?


9. People who use expressions like, “This is my dream” or “This is all I ever dream about”and they’re fifteen-years-old or younger.

What you want to be when you’re young doesn’t often match what you end up being later in life. Kids have their whole lives ahead of them; they shouldn’t make any final decisions about their future so early. Adults have experienced life more, allowing them to know their limitations. Although kids should never give up in perfecting their craft, they don’t know their limitations due to experiencing life less.


10. The judges informing viewers that the next season is approaching, but the current season is only half finished.

If “America’s Got Talent” gets better every year, why are the judges encouraging people to audition for the next season so soon?