Silence is Agreement

During a Project Earth meeting at UWT early this year, it was announced that after much planning, the design had finally been chosen for the 80-foot wide Hood Corridor Trail extension through campus. The design chosen would not allow bicyclists to travel on the new trail.

I, alone, spoke up to point out that from this point on, when bicyclists are killed by motorists on Jefferson Avenue the university will be at fault.

It was announced about a week later that bicycle access would instead be included. Did the one voice spark up a conversation that went so far so quickly as to bring about such a major reversal in the planned policy? Who knows? The point is that one voice can make a difference. Many voices can create even more positive changes in regulatory policies that affect us all.

It takes only a few seconds to write to your representatives via email regarding whatever may concern you; it takes just a few clicks with any of the many online organizations that have been established to help make it a simple process. Your silence is most likely to be interpreted as your agreement.