Neighborhoods, Growth, and Safety: Tacoma residents engage in Town Hall Discussion

Residents and community leaders gathered at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Milgard Hall on December 16 for an interactive town hall led by At-Large Council Member Olgy Diaz. The session, held 11 a.m. – 12 p.m., brought diverse community members together, each focusing on distinct aspects vital to Tacoma’s growth and well-being. 

One aspect discussed was the South Tacoma Way Neighborhood Plan, aiming to bolster neighborhood identity and vitality. Everyone was encouraged to get involved in the virtual plan-a-thon kick-off event on February 29, 5:30 – 7 p.m., via Zoom, and join the steering group by filling out the interest form on the website. Opportunities to participate in events, take surveys, volunteer, and influence the allocation of $50,000 for the community were also presented. 

The South Tacoma Way Neighborhood Plan hopes to revitalize the neighborhood and it’s identity. | Photo by Steph Caronna

Another topic addressed was the “Project Pac Ave,” a long-term vision for growth and development shaping future investments and supporting planned transit improvements. Goals included creating a sense of place, improving walkability, accessibility and connectivity, and encouraging equitable transit-oriented development. 

Promoting safety in neighborhoods, the Pierce County Alert System was highlighted as a free service allowing residents to receive emergency notifications. The Office of Strategy is leading the development of the Community Safety Action Strategy, emphasizing co-creating healthy places, investing in people and prevention, effective response, and promoting healing and repair. 

Throughout the event, attendees actively participated by writing suggestions, contributing to a collaborative environment. This interactive approach provided an opportunity for residents to voice concerns directly to Council Member Olgy Diaz. The suggestions gathered will contribute to the formulation of an action plan, reflecting the needs and aspirations of the Tacoma community. 

The town hall proved to be a valuable platform for both council members and residents to engage, exchange ideas, and work collectively towards a better future for Tacoma. The event showcased the power of community collaboration and its role in shaping the city’s trajectory.