The Power of Deep Breathing, Mindfulness and Strength

It might seem simple, but deep breathing can improve your physical and mental health.

As the quarter comes to an end, and as finals week draws near, you might be feeling more stressed and anxious. I have searched for years, a place of peace within myself. It’s hard sometimes to comprehend the safety of silence in a world that screams so loudly.? 

I try not to overcomplicate the simplicity of breathing. When life gets too loud and overwhelming, I’ve found the best thing I can do for myself is take five deep breaths as mindfully as I can. I put my full intentions behind the healing power of breathing. There is nothing more to focus on except to inhale fully and exhale slowly.? 

Slow and controlled breathing can have many health benefits. It can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. Deep breathing can improve immunity and stimulate the lymphatic system by releasing carbon monoxide and cleansing the body. Harmful toxins are released through breathing; if you don’t breathe fully your body has to work extra hard to release these toxins. ? 

There are many methods to calm yourself when you feel anxious or stressed. Grounding and meditation are great methods but can be difficult for all situations. You must know that you always have the power within yourself and the space, regardless of time and energy, to take five deep breaths.?  

Let breathing be a source of strength, as I have tried to make it be. Believe that it will heal you because that is half the battle. Understand that it’s what your body needs most despite how silly or insignificant it might seem. Try it, really try, next time you’re overwhelmed or when you feel like you just can’t catch a break. It might not seem like much, but it really helps.