New cameras aim to reduce crime on campus

Campus security invested in new cameras with AI technology in response to the increase of car break-ins and related crimes on campus.

In response to car break-ins and student safety concerns over the previous years, UWT Campus Safety has installed new cameras around the campus. The cameras are said to help improve the security officers’ ability to assess risk and provide information in the case of an incident. 

Campus Security has equipped several of the cameras with AI technology to assist in gathering information. These cameras can search for people based on the clothes they are wearing, items they are carrying, and more.  

The cameras are located on top of blue emergency posts and in parking lots on campus. | Photo by Cameron J. Berrens

The ASUWT Student Safety Committee had the opportunity to meet with Susan Wagshul-Golden, the Campus Safety Director, to discuss many facets of student safety, including the new cameras.  

“We are still navigating the new technology and learning how the data can assist us with patrol strategies of peak hours of pedestrians and vehicle traffic in those areas,” said Wagshul-Golden.  

The new cameras with AI technology can be found on multiple areas of campus. The cameras equipped on blue towers cover north and south Prairie Line Trail. The Whitney Parking Lot Coverage Area stretches from the back of the YMCA down to the TPS and Dougan parking areas. Together these networks of cameras cover a majority of parking areas on campus.  

At the intersection of Prairie Line Trail and UWT’s grand staircase, it can get busy during peak times of the day. A camera at this location helps campus security monitor high volumes of pedestrian traffic. | Photo by Cameron J . Berrens

One student, Calvin Singer, was unaware of the investment, and said they did not increase his confidence in campus safety at all.  

“On a 10 scale, a 9 out of 10,” said Calvin regarding how secure he felt on campus. “I don’t ever really think about it.” 

The cameras are one more addition to the current security system UWT offers in an attempt to make campus more secure.