What’s not to love about spooky season?

Here are some of my favorite things about Halloween.

As we get father into fall and the nights get colder and darker, one of the first things that comes to mind is spooky season. While that concept has changed meaning for us as we grow older, there is still plenty to love about Halloween as a college student.  

Pumpkin Patches  

There is nothing that I love more than all the fall season’s fruits and vegetables. From the crisp and juicy apples to the bright orange pumpkins, I have so many things to cook and bake every fall. From apple pies to Taylor Swifts chai cookies, I find a use for all the season has to offer. I also love the chance to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out my own pumpkin and carve it into one of my characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which leads into my next favorite thing.  

Spooner’s Farm, a local pumpkin patch in Puyallup. | Photo by Cameron J. Berrens

Horror/Halloween Movies  

Horror and Halloween movies just don’t hit the same outside of spooky season. Don’t get me wrong, they are still great, but it just doesn’t seem to fit any other time of year.  I can do some homework or carve a pumpkin while I watch a movie. Of course, the first one on my list would be The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some others I find great are “The Visit,” “Stitches,” and any TV Halloween special. Now some of these are gruesome, so be warned, and probably don’t watch them on a full stomach or alone if you are easily scared.   

Halloween Parties and Costumes 

While I personally think you can be whoever you want any day of the year, this is one of the few socially acceptable times to be whoever you want and be as weird or scary as you want. Some of my favorite costumes I have seen or worn include zombies, Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and of course a witch or Hogwarts student.  

Now every costume needs to be displayed somewhere, why not at a Halloween costume party? Foods can be changed to look like eyes, witches’ fingers, spiders, while you dance and get to see everyone’s costumes. It’s always a blast.  

Halloween Decorations  

Similar to Christmas, Halloween decorations are another big part of Halloween that I love to enjoy like the light shows during the holidays. Many of the décor is animated to create the ultimate scare for kids, and even some adults. I love to get a good scream out of someone and watch their expression, it’s truly priceless.  

Haunted houses are another favorite use of spooky décor. I mean, where else can you get practice running from a chainsaw wielding psycho? There are quite a few around Tacoma, the Wild Waves theme and waterpark also does a fright night sort of thing, there was even a haunted car wash at Classy Chassis Car Wash last week.  

I hope you all have a great time celebrating Halloween!