Drag brunch, tie-dye, queer positive discussions to be held on campus

Pride Pack and the Student Activities Board to host a range of fun events to celebrate pride.

Photo by Alexa Christie | Drag Brunch will be held on May 31.

Get ready for some fun events this upcoming week to celebrate Pride here on campus. In a collaborative effort, Pride Pack is teaming up with the Student Activities Board (SAB) to host a series of events in celebration of Pride.

Students can partake in Tie Dye in the Plaza Tuesday, May 30, 12:00-2:00 p.m.. Expect to see a drag brunch catered with Krispy Kreme donuts and orange juice, Wednesday May 31, 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the UWY 303/304. Lastly, on Thursday June 1, a queer discussion group will take place along with flag painting at the CEI, 12:30-2:30 p.m..

Students can expect to see some performances from drag artists and queens: Velveteen, Shenanigans, Alpha Q and Valerie Veeta.

Valerie Veeta, describes their drag persona as “your fun, funky, crazy, cool aunt who you definitely want to hang out with a bit at the party…I’m not far from Val in real life, maybe [I] just hold my tongue and crudeness a bit more, but she always has the best of intentions and loves everyone! She wants to see love and fun put into the world!”

Veeta who is also an alumni of UWT, class of 2018 is looking forward to performing for current students during Pride and returning to campus. 

“I had so many great days and made so many incredible life long friends at UWT that it just feels like I’m coming home! The student body is incredible at UWT, the staff is extraordinary and I just truly love everything about this school so thank you so much UWT for welcoming me back!” Veeta said.

Roland Heyne, a re-founding member of Pride Pack, is excited to get these events off the ground as Pride Pack has not been as active this past year. Fortunately, Heyne was able to get everything set up and ready for this year’s upcoming Pride events.

An event that Heyne is looking forward to is the Queer Discussion that will be held at the CEI. This discussion will be on a range of topics such as queer history, but Heyne hopes to focus on queer representation in the media.

Reflecting on an event that Pride Pack hosted back in March, there was a great turnout of people from a range of backgrounds who held a discussion and shared what kind of queer spaces they would like to see on campus or take part in.

“You might walk into a room and know exactly who has similar experiences to you. But when you’re queer, you could walk into a room and not know that there’s five and six other people in there who have had a really similar history as you and different events that are common. So it was nice to be in a room with people that looked different and came from all different walks of life and heights and weights, different ethnicities and cultures,” said Heyne.

For those who wish to be involved with Pride Pack or may be hesitant because they are either questioning their sexuality or may think they shouldn’t attend if they are straight, Heyne says that all are welcome.

“I really realize that inclusivity can oftentimes become exclusive and I don’t want that to happen. So I’ve oftentimes, at tabling emphasized that it is for everybody to be proud of their sexuality… Celebrating sexuality and safe sex and just embracing sex in our culture is really important,” Heyne said.

If you would like to find out more about the Pride events going on at UWT, you can follow the SAB at @sabuwt on Instagram and @uwtpridepack.