Top food spots near campus

Hungry after class? Try these places close to campus.

There is nothing I hate more than being hungry after getting out of class and then having to decide what to eat. For that reason I usually stick to the same few places because they never seem to let me down. Here are three food spots near campus for you to try this week:

Photo by Celia Williams | The menu board at the Al’s Hot Chicken drive-through.

Al’s Hot Chicken 

Al’s Hot Chicken is just off of 19th Street and Mildred near Tacoma Community College. It is a chicken and waffle joint with a ton of options, and only ten minutes from UW Tacoma. All I can say is I am obsessed with it!

It can be a bit spendy, with combos averaging about twenty dollars a piece, but generally the combos can feed two people. I usually order a mild number two combo, which is two chicken sandwiches and fries, with all of the dipping sauces. I also usually get a Dr. Pepper, but that is just my preference. 

The chicken is always cooked perfectly, literally dripping with juices. The fries are crispy and seasoned perfectly. I never fail to be satisfied when I go to Al’s Hot Chicken. 

Photo by Alexa Christie | Zeeks Pizza is on Pac Ave right near the UWT Campus.

Zeeks Pizza

Zeeks Pizza is right near our campus, just along Pacific Ave. They offer individual pizzas or slices and have plenty of topping options. If you are a UW Tacoma student, you can even get a discount when you go, as you can with a number of spots on Pacific Ave. 

My go-to order is a slice of pepperoni pizza with a half order caesar salad and one of their locally made sodas. Depending on when you go and what you order the cost can vary, usually I spend about twenty dollars when I go. 

Photo by Alexa Christie | The sign for Thanks Brothers Pho

Thanks Brother Pho

Thanks Brother Pho is another spot on Pacific Ave for you to stop if you are looking for a bite to eat. The portions are huge and are totally worth the cost. It ended up being about thirty dollars with the tip, but the portions are enough for two people. 

I ordered the basic Chicken Pho, or Pho Ga, and an order of crab rangoons. It was hot and everything came in separate containers to keep it fresh for when I got home to enjoy it. It was not overly salty and it was the perfect leftover for lunch the next day since the portions were large enough for that

Overall, I ate some great food this week and was not disappointed. I hope that you try it and enjoy it as much as I did!