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Milgard Hall to be demolished

Milgard Hall to be demolished and rebuilt to include “cool,” and “new” features.

By Stripes McGee

Photo by Nick Patraszewski | The de-construction of Milgard Hall.

Among a growing number of voices who question the sustainability of Milgard Hall, the new building is set to be demolished and reconstructed to better suit UWT sustainability goals. 

“Yeah, somewhere along the line after the building was opened, we realized that we could make Milgard Hall even more sustainable. Which is why the university has decided to demolish the building and start from scratch,” said Joey McJoeyson, a representative for the School of Sustainability. 

Milgard Hall is set to be demolished April 31, reconstruction is slated to begin immediately with student volunteers majoring in Arts, Media and Culture to help with the new design. 

“We just think the building is kind of ugly and honestly, I think the AMC majors can really breathe some trendy life into the project and jazz it up,” said a representative of the school, Diane McDianson. 

When asked if the rebuild was due to sustainability or a need for a trendy and modern building, McDianson clarified, “Oh for sure we want to make the new building more sustainable, I guess.” 

The school has pledged to include more recycling bins, new shower systems that reuse toilet water and worm composting bins in each classroom to fulfill sustainability goals. There is also a desire to plant real trees in the building to simulate “outdoor learning” for engineering students as they already do not go outside as is. 

A committee of Arts, Media and Culture majors are currently meeting weekly to discuss ideas for the new redesign and a variety of new features are already being finalized. Along with the new sustainability features, there will be a designated area for sleeping pods so students may rest in between classes, a pool, and five new vending machines that sell Bang and Monster energy drinks. 

“We have so many great ideas for this rebuild, we are just so happy the school reached out to us to discuss what we, as students, want to see on campus,” said AMC committee member Susie McSusieson. 

While some students are concerned for Milgard Hall, such as Engineering and Business majors, other students are more apathetic about the rebuild.   

“I don’t really care much, I am graduating this year and never had any classes in there (Milgard Hall) anyway,” said Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major Daniel Craig. 

The opening of the new Milgard Hall (potential name change) is slated for late 2030. The school has created a short video regarding their decision to demolish Milgard Hall which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ