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The highly-anticipated ‘Die 4 Me’ By Halsey has been released

The song includes references to her past relationship and new verses that are chilling and melodic.

By popular demand, Halsey released a solo, re-recorded and remastered demo of Post Malone’s “Die for Me” on Feb 24. The dark and twisted song allows Halsey to give her perspective on her unfaithful lover— a very high-profile relationship in 2018 with rapper G-Eazy. 

Days leading up to the release, Halsey teased a snippet of the song on Instagram with a caption saying:

“It’s been long known in my fanbase that there’s a demo of ‘Die for Me’ with just me on it. I performed my verse on the tour all summer long and since so many people have asked for it, I decided to put my full version out as ‘Die 4 Me’.” 

She also gave thanks to the original artists who took part in the song as well.

Through the years, the versions of the song are able to clearly give a before and after feeling in her tone, a cathartic response as one could say. In the original release, we hear angst and aggression. In the new release, we have a healed and haunting version of the song’s full story.

Photo by Halsey via Twitter | Halsey “Die 4 Me” album art.

Halsey begins with an echoing spoken vocal: she repeats “I always said that you lied/ but you lie, I said that you lied/ you lied.” Her mumbling vocal is accompanied by a beautiful electric guitar that shows the essence of Benny Blanco’s production; ‘90s indie vibes. The beat then drops into a gritty repetitive angst and 808 triple-beat.

The chorus begins as Halsey sings “said you’d take a bullet, told me you would die for me/I had a really bad feeling; you’ve been lying to me/ We were on the low, but you were getting high with me. / Learned a lesson when you showed a different side, I see.” Repeating “Said you’d die for me, die for me, die for me/ but you lied to me,” multiple times, almost as a way to taunt the ex-lover.

The first verse has a sharper taste to it as she has a more pessimistic voice towards her lover; hoping he’s thinking of her when he gets intimate with his next girl. However, she then begins speaking in metaphors. As with this line, we as listeners come to the realization of the realignment of the song.

 “Devil’s front door and I’m banging on the line/ If I said I want an answer, I’d be lyin’, I’d be lying yea,” she sings. 

The chorus switches, becoming more calming with the original singled-out electric guitar and subtle hints of the beat returning throughout. Halsey’s vocals, though delicate, managed to show some flow and build into a slight run. The second verse uses Halsey’s original “Die 4 Me” lyrics. The new version sounded a bit more haunting to say the least, in contrast to her normal shouting, angry and menacing tone.

“Settle down, I’ll spell it out, it’s simple enough/ I came around I figured out, I should follow my gut,” sings Halsey, “I don’t play anymore, I went through your phone and called the girls in your DMS and took all them home/ I know it’s been a while since the last time you heard from me/ Grew into a savage, you can hear it in this verse honey.”

Her most famous verse from the original song came from the line “I sold 15-million copies of a break-up note,” which was immediately post-breakup. Now that Halsey has healed, we hear the current verse as she casually says “I sold 40-million copies of our break-up note.” Some fans have stated that this evolution is a power move. 

Fans have also speculated that the bridge reads as a clear reply to a few of G-Eazy’s songs—a clear “who’s got the last laugh?” vibe as she shares that this is the last time he’ll ever get an ounce of thought from her.

“This is the lesson to take, hold someone tight and they break/ Then you say it’s a mistake, but you meant it anyway,” she sings with small laughs, “Now you can blame me, tell them you made me/ Ignore the shit that you did on the daily/ Think that you played me but you can save me/ All of that shit ‘bout how I’m fuckin’ crazy.”

The final verse feels like an ending to the chapter; the soft and clear electric guitar returns with a slow beat fading in as she repeats “Die for me, but you lied to me.”—with ad-libs until the abrupt cut-off. The listener and fans get to hear this long-awaited song with their favorite chaotic Halsey vibes and excellent production.

You can listen to “Die 4 Me” on streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Apple Music and watch the visuals on YouTube.