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Six last-minute ideas for this Valentine’s Day

For those who procrastinate to the very last minute or those who just have no clue what to do.

Happy Valentine’s Day students; a day of love, friendship and whatever the case may be. I’m sure every year there might be a select few who are struggling with making plans, scrambling thoughts of quizzes and stacks of homework taking priority over planning. Lucky for you, I am here to give you a few ideas.

Here are six things to do around the Tacoma area that’s sure to make your Valentine’s, Galentine’s or just “another day” successfully fulfilling.

Illustration by Brainy Actz Escape Rooms
  1. Escape Rooms

Nothing spells Valentine’s Day more than scratching your brain, figuring out ways to escape an unknown area with a person or people you love. That’s why my first recommendation would have to be Tacoma’s Brainy Actz. The environment includes multiple activities in different rooms including paint fights, rage rooms, escape rooms, ax-throwing experiences, Nerf wars and more. I know speaking from experience that the paint fights are worth the mess.  You can find Brainy Actz located near Freighthouse Square, at 2345 Tacoma Ave S.

  1. Date Night: Lovebirds Sip and Paint

Continuing on with the creative aspect that the day can bring, why not create some mind-blowing art and indulge in wine—the event of course is 21+. At Uncorked Studios in Tacoma, a Valentine’s Day Lovebirds painting event will be going on, and the theme is fitting for the day. The event is from 6:45 to 9:30pm. Tickets run for $88per couple, so it’s better to hurry before they sell out.

  1. Stanford’s Steak

If you’re in a sweet and savory mood and have a wider budget, the local Stanford’s Steak restaurant will be having a Valentine’s Day weekend special, 2 for the price of $195; Tomahawk for two, choices of two sides, delicious dark chocolate cake and more. A little on the pricier end but why not enjoy the day of love with a favorite someone in a contemporary atmosphere, in your best outfit or casual clothes. The dates run from the 11th through the 14th this month.

  1. Stay-in movie date

A great way to play it safe and keep the atmosphere comfortable; a movie marathon that’ll call for a quick run to the store for some personalized snacks. Whether this is a girl’s night, friendship celebration, or a night with your significant other you can’t go wrong with this idea. A quick list of recommendations would be, “Fleabag,” “You,” “WALL-E,” “Scary Movie” films, “Barbarian” or any cheesy Nicholas Sparks film. 

Photo by Kiarra Blakely-Russell | An exhibit at the TAM.
  1. Art Gallery

For the art lovers out there, the Tacoma Art Museum has an interesting layout, and just imagine the experience you could have there. The TAM is a great head-scratcher moment for any first date. With an exhibit on Mexican culture that is haunting and bold, and another on locally-made art that is abstract and intriguing, the possibilities are endless. What’s a good art exhibit without the possibilities of a photo-op, and from what I’ve seen, many couples love going there for photos. Who knows, maybe you can drop into the arts and crafts area.

  1. Self-Care night

Last on the list, but should always be number one, is a self-care day. For all the introverts, ambiverts and people who just need a break, kick off your shoes, bring out the face masks and make yourself a warm bubble bath filled with epsom salt. This Valentine’s Day it’s time to take care of yourself. Unplug yourself from reality and midterms for a day or two and just take a breather. It’s important to take care of your mental health, after all.