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Virtual reality recommendations and where to try it near Tacoma

Virtual reality has come a long way and for the better.

Virtual reality is an area in video games that is not talked about enough among the community. Though it had a shaky start when it was first released, VR has slowly been getting the support it needs. The most notable support has been the recent upgrades to the technology used, as well as more video games for consumers.

There are many types of games that people can try out in VR ranging from single-player adventure games to multiplayer horror games and everything in between. There are games out there, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. Some prime examples being “VRChat,” “Phasmophobia” and “Skyrim VR.”


“VRChat” is a free VR social platform available on SteamVR and Meta Quest. The social platform contains many worlds made by the community that you can play and explore. It is a great way to slowly become accustomed to VR, as the game is fairly simple to understand and has motion comfort settings. As the game is a social platform, there is no real end goal in “VRChat,” so the things you do are only limited by your imagination.


“Phasmophobia” is a multiplayer ghost hunting game that is only available on Steam. It can be played in desktop mode, but it also has great VR support. With its latest update, many quality-of-life changes have been made for both desktop players and VR players. Alongside the VR support, there are a multitude of maps to choose from, as well as multiple levels of difficulty keeping the game from feeling dull.

“Skyrim VR”: 

What would you do to make a great game with an amazing story even better? Make it playable in VR; that is exactly what happened in “Skyrim VR.” Being known as one of the best titles in the open-world genre due to the freedom to do anything in its world, all the while having a great storyline; “Skyrim VR” is a must-pick-up for people who are looking into playing solo. It is available on both SteamVR and Playstation VR. 


This is coming as a recommendation from Samm Benigno, a second-year business student at UWT who has experience with VR for nearly three years. He explains the game as “a physics-based puzzle game where everything around you reacts with how you manipulate it.” When you compare the in-game physics of “Boneworks” to other VR titles like “VRChat,” it is easy to see that the creators of “Boneworks” put more time and effort into production as your virtual hands cannot phase through objects, and instead fully interact with the environment around you. If this physics-based puzzle game seems interesting to you, you can find it exclusively on SteamVR.

If you do not have access to VR directly, there is a place near Tacoma where you can try it. Digital Reality Gaming in Point Ruston. It offers multiple ways for you and your friends to enjoy VR. They offer access to their Meta Quest VR station, VIVE VR station, and their Roto VR Chair. Prices may vary depending on which service you get, but all their prices are based on the time played and not games played.