Cultural and educational opportunities abroad

Study abroad with four of UW partners and immerse into a new world of language, culture and studies in the Americas or Europe

Studying abroad while in college is an opportunity to participate in a foreign culture while continuing and broadening your education. UW partners with four programs abroad: Arcadia, China Educational Tours (CET), the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and the Institute for International Education for Students (IES). These programs have options in both the Americas, Asia and Europe that administer programs within their universities.

Arcadia Abroad is a program that provides internships, semesters and summer programs in Chile, Argentina and Spain. Liz Esparza, a recent graduate majoring in the Spanish language, spent her last quarter in Barcelona, Spain where she got to enjoy instruction outdoors in the heart of the capital and partake in siestas in-between classes.

“Studying abroad has been a crazy experience in the best way possible. You meet so many new people while exploring a beautiful country,” Esparza said.

For Spanish majors, looking to broaden their horizons, they have plenty of options from Santiago, Chile to Barcelona, Spain.

“Out of my four years in school, this has by far been my favorite quarter. There’s so much life to the city and you learn so much not just from textbooks but from everything surrounding you. Every building has a story,” Esparza said.

CIEE, another partner program with UW, offers opportunities abroad not centered on the Spanish language. They offer areas of study from business management in London to journalism in Seville, Spain to teacher education in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Funding studying abroad experiences can be a challenge. To financially participate in study abroad students must pay the program tuition as well as the administrative fee, neither of which are not paid to UW. The program tuition and the administrative fee go to different places. Program tuition is determined by the partner organization which includes housing, instruction and in-country field trips. The administrative fee supports staff salaries, communications, advising, applications, student enrollment and credit transfer.

There are scholarship opportunities for all students across the three campuses. This gives as many students as possible the chance to explore their degree while exploring another country.

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